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Labor Day Auto Loan Special
Get up to $200 for Financing or Refinancing Your Auto Loan With Us

Not only will you get excited about your new ride, or the fact that you just lowered your monthly car payment by refinancing with us, but you'll also be giddy with the $200* we're putting in your pocket.

Finance or refinance (existing Foothill auto loans do not qualify) an auto loan with us and we'll give you:
  • $100 when you fund an auto loan amount of $10,000 - $19,999, or
  • $200 when you fund an auto loan amount of $20,000 or more
Plus, you get a 60-day payment deferral! Just let us know you want it.

Hurry! Offer Ends Soon, Sept. 15.

Don't miss out on putting cash in your pocket. Contact our lending department at (626) 445-0950, option 1, or apply online.
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* Existing Foothill auto loans do not qualify for this offer. Promotional period from 8/27/18 through 9/15/18. Loans must fund in the promotional period to qualify. Up to $200 incentive will be paid to the member via direct deposit to their Foothill savings or checking account. Loan rates and amount of credit extended based on individual credit worthiness. No payments for 60 days offer may not apply to everyone. Must meet membership qualifications. See a Foothill loan representative for further details.
Loyalty CD
We'd like to thank all of our loyal members by giving them an added bonus rate on their 12-Month Certificate, up to 0.60% APY*. Here's how it works. If you have been a Foothill member for...
0 to 10 Years

We'll add 0.30% to the base 12-month rate of 1.50% APY. Your loyalty rate will then be 1.80% APY for 12-Months.
11 to 20 Years

We'll add 0.40% to the base 12-month rate of 1.50% APY. Your loyalty rate will then be 1.90% APY for 12-Months.
21 to 40 Years

We'll add 0.50% to the base 12-month rate of 1.50% APY. Your loyalty rate will then be 2.00% APY for 12-Months.
41+ Years

We'll add 0.60% to the base 12-month rate of 1.50% APY. Your loyalty rate will then be 2.10% APY for 12-Months.
You Deserve This. Don't Miss Out.

Our Loyalty CD promotion is for a limited time only, so don't let the opportunity of earning extra money pass you by.  Visit a branch or login to your online banking to open your Loyalty Certificate of Deposit today.
* APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Rate as follows: 1.80 APY/Div Rate = 1.78 | 1.90 APY/Div Rate = 1.88 | 2.00 APY/Div Rate = 1.98 | 2.10 APY/Div Rate = 2.08. Minimum deposit of $2,000 required.  Maximum deposit $250,000 per member. This is a limited time offer. Promotion starts Sept. 1, 2018 and can end at any time. Promo rate good for new money and roll-over funds. Bonus rate available on Foothill’s 12 month term only.  At maturity, the certificate will renew at the standard 12 month certificate term and rate. Must meet membership qualifications.
Double Reward Points
Use your Platinum Rewards MasterCard or your Debit Card that's connected to your Protection Plus or Rewards Checking through September 30, 2018, and we'll give you double reward points on every purchase you make.

Maximize your earning points by using both of your cards and combining the points for a bigger reward!

Don't have a Platinum Rewards MasterCard or a Debit Card Connected to your Protection Plus or Rewards Checking Yet?

If you don’t have our cards yet, now is the perfect time to apply to take advantage of the extra reward points you can earn. You can also upgrade your existing Platinum Card to a Platinum Rewards MasterCard by calling (626) 445-0950, option 1.
Apply Now
* Double points applies to signature based transactions. Purchases must post within the promotional period of 7/1/18-9/30/18 to qualify. Debit Rewards will earn 2 points for every $2 spent. Platinum Rewards MasterCard will earn 2 points for every $1 spent.
Rainy Day Savings
Our Rainy Day Savings Can Help With Financial Emergencies

With our Foothill Rainy Day Savings, you can maximize your emergency fund to be better prepared for whatever life throws at you.
  • Easy deposits with auto transfer (maximum of $250 per month)
  • Fixed 1.5% APY* rate on first $2,500**
  • One Penalty-free withdrawal every 90 days***
  • Earn $10 bonus by not making withdrawals within first 6 months
  • Earn $25 bonus by not making withdrawals in the first year of opening
  • Free online learning module on “Building an Emergency Savings
To open your Rainy Day Savings, visit one of our branches or give us a call at (626) 445-0950.
* Annual Percentage Yield.  ** Regular Share rate will apply to any balance over $2,500. *** Each additional withdrawal within the 90 day period will incur a $2.00 fee. Each withdrawal made will reset the month count for applicable bonuses.
Establish or Rebuild Your Credit with our Fresh Start Loan

If you haven't started building your credit or struggling to repair your existing credit, our Fresh Start Loan can help. By bundling your Rainy Day Savings account with a Fresh Start Loan, you'll receive additional benefits that will help you reach your goals.

When you combine the two, you'll get:
  • 0% APR Loan Rate*
  • Loan amount terms: $500 for 1 year or $1,000 for 2 years
  • The payments you make not only pay down the loan, but it's also transferred into your Rainy Day Savings account, which earns interest while building up your emergency fund
  • Free online learning module on “Credit Score and Reports
Learn more about how the Fresh Start Loan works »
* Annual Percentage Rate. Special rate of 0% APR only applies if a Rainy Day Savings is bundled with the Fresh Start Loan. Standard Fresh Start loan is 2.00% APR if not paired with a Rainy Day Savings.
Upcoming Events
  • Wednesday, Sept. 26, 6 p.m., Arcadia Branch:  "Road to Home Ownership Seminar" – Educate yourself before hitting the market for a new home. Members who attend that day will receive up to a $1,000 discount off their closing cost if they use Foothill for their mortgage loan.*  Reserve seat(s)»
  • Saturday., Oct. 13, 9:30 a.m, Arcadia Branch:  "Living Trusts and Estate Planning" Seminar – Learn how to effectively preserve your assets while you're alive and manage their distribution after your death.  Reserve seat(s)»
  • Saturday, Oct. 27, 8 a.m til Noon:  "FREE Document Shredding" – Bring your old statements, tax returns, bills, or any paper work with sensitive personal information and we'll shred them onsite. Limit of five (5) file boxes or three (3) trash bags per vehicle.* No reservation required.
* Please note that if the shred truck gets filled to capacity, some documents will be turned-away and the shred event will be terminated for the day. First come, first serve basis..
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